My New Friend from Camp

Georgiya and Pavlena

My new friend from camp is called Georgiya. She lives in Gotse Delchev. She has two bigger sisters - Vera and Yoana. She has a dog and it's name is Lusi. The dog is a datshund. Her favourite colours are green and purple.

From the camp Georgiya wants to learn to make cupcakes.

Georgiaya want to go to New York because the city offers many opportunities. Her biggest wish is to make her relatives immortal and to make people more kind.

She want to have fun while being at camp.

Her name is Pavlena. She is 13 years old and lives in Svishtov and was born there. She has one brother. He is 21 and his name is Adrian. Pavlena used to have a cat named Mimi. She likes playing football and her favourite colour is sky blue. She is excited about going swimming during the camp.

If Pavlena could, she would change into magician just for fun and go to LA, as this is her dream. She wants everyone to have a good life and to have world peace. Her goal is to have fun at camp.

Maria and Kristina

My new friend from camp is Kristina. She is 13. She was born on the 23rd of September in Mezdra. She lives there now, but would like to live somewhere outside of Bulgaria. She has a brother named Peter who is 20.

She has been playing the acoustic guitar for a few months. Her favourite colours are white and black, her favourite singers are Chris Brown and Jencarlos Canela. Her favorite movie is Bridge to Terabithia, her favourite actor is Saruhan Hunel and her favourte actress is Rose McGowen.

She would like to live in India because she is interested in the clothes Indians wear.

If she could do one thing to change the world, she would stop all bad things. During the camp she would like to make some new friends.

My new friend from the camp is called Maria. She is 12 years old. Maria was born in Sliven and the 28th of October. She lives in Sliven, but wants to live in Germany. Maria has one sister called Stanimira. She plays the piano and started learning the guitar two weeks ago. Her favourite colours are purple and green.

If she could go anywhere, she would go to Germany, England, Japan, South Korea or Africa. Maria listens to rock and wishes to spend one day with her favourite band, The Gazette. Maria's favourite actor and actress are Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Here favourite films are Antique Bakery and Requiem for a Dream.

During the camp she wants to make new friends.

Reni and Alexandrina

My friend's name is Alexandrina. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is 13 years old. She was born in Vidin and lives in Bregovo. Alexandrina has a sister Elizabeth who is 15. She likes pets, especially dogs. She has 2 dogs and their names are Luke and Harry. They are brown and are both hunting dogs, but very sweet.

Alexandrina likes to jump rope and her favourite colours are green and yellow, the colours of spring. She wants to have fun at camp. She will enjoy it!!!

If she could be anyone, she would be a vampire. It is strange, isn't it? Alexandrina wants to be a vampire "because they are fast", she says. She also wants to visit the United States of America (USA) because she likes it. I think she is a globetrotter. The best thing about her is she wants to save the world by recycling paper and cans and by not using naylon. It is very good for the environment. There are many other things about her - music, books... Alexandrina's favourite movie is The Vampire Diaries. She likes pop music, like Just a Dream. She loves reading books, especially Night World. She loves shopping and listening to music. Alexandrina is one of my best friends and we know each other very well.

My friend's name is Reni. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her birthplace is Gorna Osqhovica and she lives in Karlovo. Reni is 10 years old. She has a sister. Her name is Dani and she is 5 years old. Reni has a dog, his name is Bari. He is brown and loves to eat. Reni likes volleyball and playing the piano. Reni's favourite movie is Another Cinderella Story and her favourite book is Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing. Her favourite colour is purple. She loves pop music and her favourite song is The Christmas Song.

She is looking for new friends at camp and wants to be a volunteer to help people. Reni's wish is for a healthy family and doesn't want there to be any hungry people.

Reni wants to go to Paris - because it is the city of Love!

Reni is a good friend!

Alexander and Lubo

My new friend is Luboslav. He is 14. He was born in Berkovitsa and now lives in Varshets. He has a 9-year old brother named Preslav. Lubo plays basketball and his favourite colour is light blue. He has a pet guinea pig. It's name is Mata and it is brown.

Lubo is looking forward to making new friends at the camp. He would go to the moon if he could because he wants to explore it. If Lubo could change anything in the world, he would stop global warming and stop pollution.

His goal for the camp is to enjoy the beautiful nature, make new friends and have fun.

My new friend is Alexander. He is 13 years. He was born in Sofia, but he lives in Kostinbrod. He has a sister who is 2 years old. His favourite colour is green.

He would go to space if he could, because he wants to explore it. And he wants to remove all the deadly diseases, because he doesn't want to see people dying.

He wants to have fun at this camp!