Razgrad Regional Spelling Bee

Saturday, April 28 at 11:00

Your Venue and Your Team

BG Host: Mirella Marcheva__mirellamar@yahoo.com__
Judge: Brittany Pryce__86.bit.bit@gmail.com__ 088 886 5822
Judge: Drew McMillan__tam5@live.com__088 828 3427
Support: Semah Yekzaman__semahyek@yahoo.com__088 339 3890

Location: Auditorium, School for languages Ekzarh Yosif, ul. Vaptzarov, Razgrad

Map: __Link to map for Razgrad Regional Bee__

If you have trouble finding the location, please call one of the above team members, they will already be at the location, prepared for your arrival.

Arrival Time: 10:30

Please arrive prior to 10:30 so all spellers can check in, receive their t-shirts and relax a bit before the bee starts.

Start Time: 11:00

The spelling bee will begin promptly at 11:00.

For a printable version, please click the file below: