Schedule of Key Spelling Bee Events

January 5, 2011
Begin signup period
February 6, 2011
Early signup date to participate - small gift for host for those who sign up by this date
February 7, 2011
Word list, local event checklist, sign-up flyer for students, additional classroom activities and participation certificates will be distributed to volunteers who sign up by February 6
February 18, 2011
Final signup date
March 21-26, 2011
Host and volunteer to conduct local spelling bee, an official competition word list to be used will be prior to the local events
March 31, 2011
Names of top (2 or 3)* spellers to be sent to Bee organizers - *final number of spellers to advance to regional bees to be determined after signup period
April 16
Regional bees to be held in 7 locations, Sofia, Gotse Delchev, Plovdiv, Ruse, Sliven, Veliko Tarnovo and Vratsa.
May 14
National Spelling Bee to be held in Sofia


Event Activities

Level 1 “Local Competition”
  • Volunteers and communities will receive informational materials approximately 5 weeks prior to start of local competitions
  • Volunteer will recruit a local teacher or another local Bulgarian to host local bee
  • Competition will be administered by local host/teacher with assistance from Peace Corps volunteers acting as the announcer and judge at school or local venue
  • Certificates for winner and participants, additional awards can be sourced by local volunteer

Level 2 “Regional Competition”
  • Country divided into seven separate regions
  • Regional American Corner venues to host event
  • A host/judge will be assigned for each region
  • Any required permission slips for students to be coordinated by local host
  • Refreshments, snacks, ribbons, certificates provided
  • Awards (medals and/or ribbons) for top five contestants and participants
  • Appreciation gift for local host to be presented (book or teaching resource)

Students and Teachers will receive a travel allowance to attend regionals.
Level 3 “National Competition”
  • Held in local venue in Sofia
  • Travel allowance for each student and one companion provided
  • Local hotel for two night stay for student and companion provided
  • Host/judge to be determined
  • Welcome gifts to each of the contestants, which might possibly include: dictionaries, fun reading materials and games
  • Contestants to be provided with National Spelling Bee polo shirts or tees
  • Trophies for winner/school/teacher and possible other prizes or scholarship (TBD)
  • Per diem allocated for breakfast and lunch for the contestants
  • Awards banquet/celebration

Event Sponsor


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